MedApp improves therapy adherence

Only 60% of those on medication manages to stick to their prescribed intake plans. That is a bleak statistic, but simultaneously shows that there is huge potential for improvement.

Therapy adherence starts with the end user. Just like you, a health care professional, we know how important therapy adherence is. Therefore we offer a helping hand to those taking medication. However, only with help from professionals will patients be able to better participate in their treatment. MedApp connects the end user and healthcare professional and offers possibilities for all stakeholders surrounding the end user.


Therapy adherence depends on four stakeholders: user, prescriber, distributor and manufacturer. MedApp brings them together.

Jeoffrey Haans, gastroenterologist

MedApp bundles all medicine-related information for patients, from ordering and picking up medication, to information leaflets and medicine alerts.

Heleen Kuijper, pharmacist ’s-Gravelandse Pharmacy

Insight improves (intake)behaviour!

Rob Linde, outpatient pharmacist at De Brug 24/7, Almere

MedApp provides patients with more control over their use of medication.

Joris Arts, hospital pharmacist and chairman at Healthcare Centre Kersenboogerd in Hoorn

Patient engagement is the blockbuster drug of this century.

Leonard Kish, Co-founder and CEO YouBase

What can MedApp do for you?


Digital information supply to patients

From repeat-service to complete healthcare service


Help for medication transfer

Longitudinal treatment


End user focused solutions to improve therapy adherence

Insight into real-world use of medication



Directly view your patient’s dossier without the risks associated with cloud storage and unsecured connections.
Download MedApp, click ‘report’, and select MedWeb to scan the QR code on the MedWeb internet page.

Pharmacy Portal

Digitally work through repeat prescriptions and send your patients a message in MedApp when their order is ready to be picked up.
We invite all innovative pharmacists to try MedApp. Take advantage of our frontrunner’s deal and join the first 100 pharmacies of the future!