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Control your medication

Do you use medication?

Correct intake of your medication can be a matter of life and death, but multiple medicines and various intake moments make it rather complex.

Which pill should I take and when? Where did the patient information leaflet go? How many pills do I have left?

MedApp cares about your health.

Medication alarms

Every intake on time.

Scan your meds

Easily oversee your personal medication.

All information

Instructions and patient information leaflets within reach.

Privacy ensured

Your data: safe and encrypted.

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Trusted by healthcare professionals


Your organisation here?

MedApp works closely together with healthcare providers to improve therapy adherence and optimise patient treatments.

Provided by your pharmacy

Link MedApp to your pharmacy and easily order your repeat prescription.

The stock tracker counts down with every intake you register. MedApp notifies you when you have only one week of supply left. You can then effortlessly order a repeat refill at you pharmacy. All that’s left to do is pick up your order or open the door for the deliveryman.

Order medication

With ease, at your pharmacy.

Pharmacy information

Opening hours and contact information within reach.

Follow your order

Insight in the progress of your order.

Stock management

Medication always in stock.

Are you a pharmacist?

MedApp simplifies handling of orders for pharmacists and thus allows them to help patients with therapy adherence. We also offer an extended coupling to Track&Trace.

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Intakes guided by our smart medication alerts

"‘GREAT’ app" ★★★★★

“A truly pleasant app You can couple it with your own pharmacy You can place orders at your pharmacy Fill in all medication you use and indicate at which time you want to take them Receive a notification for this at the right time And much more Should definitely try Great app”

– Ladygirl72, Apple App Store review

"App works like crazy" ★★★★★

“Had to contact the developers a few times by email to let them know about the issues I was facing. Received an email every time when they adjusted something, and now it works like crazy. By now I’m very happy with how the app works, it really adds something. I never forget my medication anymore, ever. Scanning is easy-peasy ;-)”

Peter van Amen, Google Play Store review

"Great App!!" ★★★★★

“What a nicely extensive app!! Super simple to use!! Now I am always on time when taking my medication! It’s a competition to score 100% of intakes!! Because you just have to take your meds once the alarm goes off!! Suuuuper happy!!”

– Elsa1958, Apple App Store review

"Great support" ★★★★★

“I believe this app is the best of its kind. Its nice that when setting the time/day/days you’re always asked if you want to set up the alarm. Only after the alarm has gone off and you’ve checked the medication of the list, the alarm can be switched off permanently. Really helps to prevent mistakes. The customer support is fast and clear in their answers.”

Simone Bremer, Google Play Store review

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