Medapp. The app to manage your medication.

Everything to make taking drugs easier, more personal, and more effective, all in one place: that is MedApp. The free app offers direct access to all information about the medicines you take: search for their names, or scan their box, and immediately find the proper patient information leaflets, current pricing, side effects, and much more. Need to visit your pharmacy? Use MedApp to check the opening hours. On top of this, MedApp provides a personal dossier to keep track of all matters related to your medicine use, such as doctors’ appointments, how you are experiencing your symptoms, and much more. Additionally, it is possible to set up smart alarms to remind you to take your medication, allowing MedApp to ensure you never forget to take your next dose.

All information, collected in a single place

Add your medication with ease.

Easy to personalise by use of colours, pictures, and more.

Try it yourself.

Medication, truly personal

MedApp is built around a personal medication dossier: add your own medication by for instance scanning the box. Choose the moments at which you have to take your medication, and, if need be, add an alarm to this moment. Next, the app will help you improve your medication use, increasing the effectiveness of your prescription. To be able to cater to your individual needs, we use smart analyses. Do you for instance tend to forget a particular medicine, or are you particularly forgetful about your medication on Saturday mornings? Medapp will notice this and point it out to you. This way, the only thing left to do yourself, is to physically take the medication.

A complete medical file

On top of information about your medication, MedApp also offers you a complete medical file. Whether you want to keep track of certain laboratory results, chronicle the level of pain you are experiencing, or want to write a memo with the details for a doctor’s appointment. The chronological diary also allows you to add pictures, coloured labels, or even audio recordings. This way, you will have everything related to your medicine use in an easily accessible place.
Visiting a doctor or other health care professional? Then this overview would come in rather handy. MedApp Web offers this, at your beck and call: all details about your medical situation, as you recorded them in the app, can be opened in a web browser with ease, without having them disappear in the cloud.

Privacy well taken care of

For us it is of vital importance that patient information is actually the patient’s own. This is why we will never send data back and forth unless it is absolutely necessary – and never without explicit permission of you, the user of the app. If you choose to save your data on our side of the wire, for instance by creating a backup, then we will use state-of-the-art security measures and encryption to ensure that even we can see as little as possible.
Feel free to read our privacy policy: we wrote it to provide a clear description of how we treat your personal information, not to indemnify ourselves.